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Versamax Flexicrop

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Flexicrop delivers yield and quality for both cutting and grazing. The hybrid element provides quality leafy grass at cutting and combines with the persistency and density of the perennials for all round performance.

Varieties with High Fibre Digestibility (DNDF)

  • Lofa has excellent stress tolerance combined with yield and forage quality
  • Will cut or graze equally well producing high annual yields
  • Sward density is excellent so withstands heavy traffic
  • High DNDF varieties bring superb digestibility levels
  • Dual purpose White Clover performs well under both regimes
  • A No Clover option is available
VersaMax Flexicrop
21% Lofa Advanced™ Hybrid Ryegrass 15% Pastour Late Perennial Ryegrass
14% Bahial Hybrid Ryegrass (T) 17% Diams Late Perennial Ryegrass (T)
14% Solomon Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 5% Dual Purpose White Clover Blend
14% Catabi 1 Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass(T)  





Seed Rate Pack Size Use
14kg/acre 35kg/hectare 20kg Cutting & Grazing (3 – 5 years)


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