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VersaMax Meat and Milk

  • £87.00

Meat and Milk will produce grass of both quantity and quality for all livestock systems. It will suit all soil types across England and Wales.


  • A persistent mixture to cut or graze
  • Timothy gives early bite and good yields in spring
  • A good inclusion level of high DNDF varieties means top quality digestibility and production from forage
  • Dual purpose clover blend brings versatility to the mixture for cutting or grazing
  • A No Clover option is available
VersaMax Meat & Milk
18% Boyne Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass 10% Twymax Late Perennial Ryegrass (T)
23% Catabi 1 Intermediate Perennial Ryegrass(T) 11% Alfonso Late Perennial Ryegrass (T)
10% Cancan Late Perennial Ryegrass 8% Winnetou Timothy
13% Pastour Late Perennial Ryegrass 7% Dual Purpose Clover Blend




Seed Rate Pack Size Use
14kg/acre 35kg/hectare 20kg Cutting & Grazing (5 years plus)

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