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Wood Pellets

Gleadell purchase large tonnages of pellets direct from our European suppliers, importing these to our storage facility at the port of New Holland before distributing to buyers of quality wood pellets here in the UK.

All wood pellets offered and supplied by Gleadell are ENplusA1 grade and comply fully with the BSL regulations. 

The A1 grade is the minimum level wood pellets must exceed, and the only grade we supply.  This means our pellets are highly durable, able to withstand import, whilst retaining their high quality.

Gleadell offer a choice of bulk, blown in or bagged pellets delivered to your business or home address. As well as offering a delivered price we can also quote all products on an ex New Holland store basis.

All pellets are screened prior to delivery to ensure the highest quality possible.

For more information or a quote please contact us at:

Or call on:  01427 666218