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First experience with Gleadell online

Posted by Phil Metcalfe on Feb 23, 2016 

Following a link from an email, I arrived straight at Gleadell Ag online facility to place a direct order for stewardship seed mixtures including grass seed . I had a quick scroll through to find straights as well as mixtures available.

As we have a policy to try and establish wild grey partridge in the area again after numbers were decimated by local red partridge release, we have found Quinoa very beneficial to this project. We always have some on hand to add to mixtures to increase plant population as it is difficult to establish. When I saw it listed as a straight as well as in mixtures I thought I would order straight away. The process is very straight forward. Payment is by card or can be linked straight to account.

A brief description of the plant and potential benefits are also listed. The website is user friendly and easy to navigate with the drop down menus on each heading.