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Q. How long does delivery take.

A. Delivery will be within 5 working days but usually is within a 48 hour period.


Q. Can I order different pack sizes than the ones shown on the website.

A. Yes, different pack sizes's can be provided. A quick call on 01427 666211 and we can tailor the order to your needs.


Q. Do you offer any other small seed products that are not on the website.

A. We have access to the vast majority of variety's available in the UK. Please contact us for any specific requirements.


Q. What is greening?

A. Under new EU regulations, known as greening, farmers must ensure 5 per cent of their land is set aside as an Ecological Focus Area (EFA), instead of being used for farming.


Q. What is a cover crop?

A. A cover crop needs to be established by 1st October and in the retained until at least 15th January.


Q. What is a catch crop?

A. A catch crop needs be established by 31st August and in the retained until at least 1st October


Q. Which crops can be used for either cover or catch crops?

A. A catch or cover crop must contain at least one of these cereals; Rye, Barley or Oats. Also one Non-cereal; Vetch, Phacelia, Mustard, Lucerne or Oil Radish. To be suitable for EFA.


Q. What is the difference between a cover crop and Gamecover?

A. A Cover crops can be used to improve soil structure and provide N fixing capabilities. Gamecovers are used to provided either feed, cover or warmth for game birds.


Q. How do I know if it meets my EFA/CAP requirements?

A. The guide lines are shown in the GOV.UK website under CAP. Please follow this link


Q. How do I improve my horse pasture?

A. Depending on pasture requirements we offer a wide selection of products. Gleadell Horse and Pony Paddock is suitable to be under sown in to the current pasture or can be used to patch up poached areas.


Q. Is there any better Gamecover crops for partridges opposed to pheasants?

A. Most Gamecover crops can benefit both pheasants and partridges but generally a gamecover with lower seeds and more warmth is best suited for partridges due to their smaller body mass and height. We offer a partridge mix that is tailored to provide a more suitable environment for partridge. We also offer Gold of Pleasure a superb crop for partridge.


Q. What is the best product for enhancing bumblebee activity?

A. We offer a whole range of pollen and nectar crops. The best seller this season has been “Pollen & Nectar”. If you require grass with your mix, we can also offer the product “Pollen & Nectar with Grass”.


Q. How much land do I need in EFA for BPS.

A. A minimum 5% of total land (over 15ha) must be in greening schemes to gain greening BPS.