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2nd Quarterly Newsletter

Posted by Charlie Blakeley on

Last Friday was spent at the RAGT trial plots, to have a look at the selections on offer. The sunny day was spent reviewing the establishments and root structures. The mixtures included;

Linseed, Terranova and Phacellia (10% - 70% - 20%) 

Ethiopian mustard and Berseem clover (55% - 45%)

Japanese Oats and Leafy Turnip (60% -40%)

White Mustard, Buckwheat and Berseem Clover (40% - 40% - 20%) 

All were standing strong and soaking up the sun (and nitrogen).

At Cereals this year there will be a display of glass tubes showing the root structure of some of our best sellers.



Gleadells own plots have now been cultivated and drilled. We opted to broadcast some of the Game Covers to have a comparison on establishments. 

With Pheasant and Partridge poults starting to go on the ground at the end of June Game covers have been our main seller. With growers needing to provide quality protection for the young birds. Partridge Mix has still proven to be the best seller across the country. 

 This months discount is for 10% off Grass seed. 

Discount code: JUNE

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