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1st Quarterly Newsletter

Posted by Charlie Blakeley on

Since the launch of the small seeds website sales have gone from strength to strength. Support from both new and existing customers has helped to promote the site.


Now in April growers have been showing more interest in planting choices. Whether it be reseeding grassland for maximum silage production or filling in the bare holes in the horse pasture. 

Pollen and Nectar mixtures have proven to be a popular choice, our best seller being "Pollen and Nectar". This mixture includes 17% Sainfoin a favourite for the declining honey bee.

Gamecover sales have been continuous with shoot managers, game keepers and farmers all making use of the wide variety on offer.

Make sure to keep an eye on Gleadell social media to keep track of flash sales and the "product of the day". 

With great feedback on the simplicity of the ordering process and product choice we hope to continue providing customers with all their small seed needs. 

DLF, one of our main suppliers has put together a helpful guide to growing a successful cover crop.

Growing a successful cover crop?

Creating a perfect seed bed and waiting for the soil to warm up is vital to get right in creating a successful game cover or enabling wild bird seed mixtures plots to its full potential.

Selecting the correct straights or mixture is critical. The stewardship Scheme, soil type, chemical control, sowing dates, annual or perennial etc. all have a vital role to play, so please call us for technical advice to help you choose the correct mixture to suit your needs.

Soil type and weather will influence the decision on whether to plough or if you can min till soils to create this ideal seed bed. If you can get a good weed chit early too and spray off before sowing, this helps to reduce a weed burden. To achieve the best establishment drill the crop in appropriate conditions, do not sow too early, wait for the soils to warm up and for significant moisture. After sowing roll to firm the seed bed and retain the moisture.

Like any other commercial crops, regular soil testing is recommended, so you’re able to apply the required nutrients at necessary times, and regular checks for pest’s presence as protection may be required, to help achieve the crops full potential.

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